Hillbarn Season Brochure


Water Bil Insert

Hillbarn Marquee Sample

Hillbarn Season Brochure

Hillbarn tasked GRATEART with creating a new look for their Season Brochure. We felt a poster style design would serve two purposes. To provide the consumer with a season overview 'keepsake', along with a tear-off Season Ticket application. The back (2nd visual) was designed to be a self mailer with a compelling company visual on one side and mail panel on the other. The brochure was created for easy updates for future seasons.

An icon for each play was developed using props from each show, or with purchased images that reflected the plays. A unique font was chosen for each play. The font and image were then applied to the Playbill, Lobby signs and Hillbarn outside Marquee.

Hillbarn needed an additional promotional brochure for community outreach. The 3rd visual shows the piece that was designed to be an insert that went out to Foster City residents in their Water Bill.